How many Cups of coffee a day are safe for health?

We often hear many information as mutually bersebrangan about coffee consumption. Some say coffee is good for health and advocate drinking coffee to 3 glasses per day. Whilesomesaycoffee canincrease the risk ofcancer andmengganjurkanto limitkonsumsinya (read also: how to make French press coffee ).We have finallymadewas confused,should drinkcoffee ornotya?What is thelimitfor safedrinking coffee?Is it true thatcoffeeis safe forhealth?
Well, thatobviously wejustrefer to theopinion ofthe expert! Abstracted from The Expert's rubric of Harvard School of Public Health, Dr. Rob van Dam will explain the ins and outs of the relationship of coffee with health gained from the results of the latest research. Hopefully after this you not confused again yes!
Based on a study looking at the influence of coffee against the occurrence of chronic diseases or death, coffee consumption up to 6 cups a day (600 mg of caffeine) does not give a negative effect. Keep in mind that in the study, 1 glass of co…